Artweeks 2017 : Venue 475 : 133 Godstow Road Wolvercote Oxford OX2 8PG

Hours Daily : 11 am – 6 pm Email: [email protected]

“I never tire of Port Meadow and have walked daily whatever the weather for years. I love the huge skies, and stepping onto the meadow that stretches towards Oxford, it presents like an old Dutch master, an ever-changing canvas. It is large enough to lose yourself in nature, to embrace the elements, and familiar enough to encourage a quiet meditation.

The seasons transform the landscape, shape-shifting and refreshing the palette. There is invariably something unexpected and beautiful to observe whether that is a hawthorn bush heady with musk scented flowers, or a murmer of plover that contours the broad backs of horses, their long tails sashaying. Gun-metal skies threaten thunder over a buttercup ocean in May, while hoar frost on winter days crystalliizes the floodplains under high blue skies. In autumn, the last of the black poplars shed yellow leaves that fringe the edge of the river like a golden thread.

I attempt to capture a sense of oneness in my photographs. I have always been drawn to the poetry in photography, and try to catch the moment as it feels on the day. I am not technicially minded, and shy away from photoshop so that the images are as true as they can be.” © Jenny Blyth 2017

Jenny Blyth shows photography, ‘The Meadow as Muse’, and a much loved Oxfordshire landscape in Art Weeks 20-29 May 2017 : Venue 475 : 133 Godstow Road OX2 8PG