19 MARCH - 19 APRIL 2015

Amelia Phillips delights in the fractal patterning of transformation. Her etchings charter us on an exploration of an infinite and seemingly chaotic universe. Fascinated by the process of deterioration, the artist is constantly hunting down objects and surfaces that are weathered and transformed by both man and nature.

Drawn to the worn appearance of these objects, Phillips work explores an absorbing sense of time’s passing, echoing the trail that it leaves behind. Her art marvels at these temporal veins of the past, picking up the thread to embellish by hand the unending stories and surprises they tell.

Through her present practice of printmaking and drawing, Amelia Phillips creates etchings that are organic in texture and sensibility, in pursuit of an unexpected and unconventional beauty.

Biographical Notes

2010-11 Oxford Brookes Foundation in Art & Design

2011-14 Falmouth University, Fine Art BA (Hons.)

Amelia Phillips has exhibited at various galleries and venues in Falmouth during her three years at Falmouth University and subsequently at IO Gallery, Brighton and at the Artists’ Open House Festival in Hove.