Currently showing at CAREY BLYTH

8 Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 6HT (Wed-Sun 11-5 pm)

Chloe Fremantle is a naturalist in essence. Her art celebrates nature, its myriad forms and patterning. Whether in the clouds, ripples, plants, seeds, pods, or petals, her paintings delight in the beauty that surrounds us, irrespective of season or time. Paring down form to create clean lines that articulate that sense of delight is her forte. Her lines are bold, her colour unapologetic. As in nature, her palette is not contrived, but more a semblance of chance, unexpected - perhaps pinks with electric green.


ART JERICHO 4 June - 5 July 2015

Chloe Fremantle has clearly found her signature - her compositions appear to come easily. Yet work that falls easy on the page is so often hard won, and Chloe has been observing and composing her art with endeavour and increasing delight for some decades.

Reflections includes artist response to gardens, to urban London scenes, to remote rural Northumberland landscapes and to a hill village in the South Of France & Oxford University Botanic Garden in acrylic on canvas and gouache on watercolour paper, small, medium and large.

MUSE IN THE GARDEN : March - May 2013

The Gallery, Oxford Botanic Garden curated by Jenny Blyth Fine Art

For the past year Chloe Fremantle, contemporary artist, has been observing the Oxford Botanic Gardens. Her paintings inhabit ambivalence, ‘visual haikus’, suspended between abstraction and figuration. Capturing the essence of the seasons as freshly dug earth transforms to summer flower-filled borders, seed pods, petals, leaves, stems and bark are captured in all their glorious colour and myriad patterns. The artist combines her depiction of flora with an element of topography to reflect the layout of the gardens, and a backcloth of distinctive sandstone walls. Essentially, Chloe Fremantle has been exploring flora for thirty years, celebrating nature and the miracle of its unending beauty.



23 July – 27 August 2011

Jenny Blyth Fine Art at Art Jericho presents SUMMER HAIKU, an exhibition of paintings by CHLOE FREMANTLE and wood engravings by TAEKO MAKINO to celebrate the glory of summer at Art Jericho.

Chloe Fremantle explores the rhythm and pattern of nature inherent in feathers, petals, waves, splashes, leaves, flowers, seeds, trees, tracks, contours, spirals, curves, clouds and circles….. In the spirit of ‘visual’ Haiku, the artist uses her observation of simple elements in the natural world to impart a symbolic interpretation of universality, constraint, stillness, energy, movement, peace, freedom, chaos, imagination, beauty, endurance, strength and empathy. Delighted by the repetitions, the infinite variety, the colour and play of pattern irrespective of form, her recent paintings in oil on canvas abstract to unexpected landscape. Chloe Fremantle trained in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art in London in 1968. She has been painting for forty years living in Italy, New York and London where she has been based since 1987.

Taeko Makino’s exquisite wood engravings of peonies, camellias, chrysanthemums inlaid with gilt draw directly on Japanese tradition of fine art. The artist lives and works in Tokyo.