The Art of Music and Language

Drawings of West Coast of Scotland by Claire CHRISTIE SADLER

Sculpture Fruits of the Earth by Martin SMITH

Claire Christie Sadler 2016: “I sometimes think I am trying to draw silence”

Claire Christie Sadler has spent 20 years perfecting the art of drawing. This exhibition celebrates her passion for the West Coast of Scotland – from Applecross to Raasay and Kkye, the Kyles of Bute, the Fairy Pools beneath the stark Black Cuillins – a particular wilderness where the landscape is constantly shifting as clouds drift across the mountains and ocean shoreline, pools of light glimmering momentarily through veils of shadow.

Monochrome is a natural fit for this timeless landscape that stretches so far and forward of us, and complements Christie Sadler’s appetite for line and form. Her spectrum from white to black is myriad and lends weight to the contemplative sensibility that is a consequence of solitary hours spent at one with the natural world.

Claire Christie Sadler trained in music as a cellist, performing and teaching, but ultimately found herself as drawn to art as to music. She has not put the bow down, but attended Foundation and thereafter a Fine Arts Degree over five years. For her, the act of music making and art are inextricably bound. The art of playing and drawing are for her hewn from the same bough and the intention with which she draws the bow across the strings or graphite across paper, informs that ‘mark’. She is captivated by the performative act of drawing.