Florence Amey : “I create abstract expressionist paintings because I find the creative process honest and satisfying.  It is, for me, an intuitive exploration of vibrational marks, gestures, and most importantly colour, that expresses mood and movement.  I enjoy painting in an unconscious way creating compositions that are expressive and dynamic, rather than originating motifs from observed objects. I find that painting without knowing the outcome emphasizes the spontaneity of the painting which keeps the images authentic and free. My aim is to capture ‘snapshots’ or ‘moments’ of when I am painting in this state of mind - an expression of core energy and zest for life.” 

 Florence Amey has a background in dance, and fenced at national level for years before committing to painting.  Despite a classical training in Fine Art, her compositions are not tethered to literal figuration of objects or landscape. Her paintings are talkative, a moment’s kaleidoscope on the page, morphing from one composition to another, to secure a tipping point of perfect balance.  Layering appears to come easily, so that we are drawn through one portal to explore another.  Her painting is truly abstract expressionist, articulating mood and movement.  Colour is her voice - a jewelled colour spectrum of emotion that spans a ph from darker depths to a heightened sense of joy and liberation.

 Florence Amey embarked initially on a Fine Arts Degree at Bristol after a Foundation Year at Brighton City College, moving to Spain in 2011 where she completed a four year degree in Fine Art at the University of Seville. She returns to Britain after eight years in Andalucia. Florence now lives and works from her studio in Bath.  Her workis rooted in the wild heart of Spanish flamenco.


*Jenny Blyth Fine Art at Carey Blyth Gallery *