**“Whilst observation of the world is still central to my practice, my hope is that other frameworks are also influencing me. I’ve tried to make marks, colours, gestures and textures in an unconscious, intuitive way, rather than basing motifs on observed objects. My broad challenge is to make paintings that satisfy me. Ones that are expressive and dynamic, that are made in an almost meditative state of mind. For when painting in that “zone”, invention truly starts and I am surprised by what emerges. It is the outcome that delights me.” **Florence Amey 2015.

Florence Amey is a Fine Arts Graduate from Seville University where she studied for four years. She embarked on a Fine Arts Degree at Bristol after Foundation at Brighton City College, defecting to Spain in 2011. Her work is infused with a particularly Spanish engagement with colour and vitality that draws on a vibrant culture infused with music, dance and theatre. Florence lives and works in Seville.

It is no surprise that Florence Amey’s paintings manifest an expression of core energy and zest for life. Despite a classical training, her compositions are not tethered to landscape or literal figuration - her painting is truly abstract expressionist, articulating a bejewelled colour spectrum of emotion that spans a ph from darker depths to a sense of joy and liberation. Colour is her voice, but not at the expense of form. Layering appears to come easily, so that we are drawn through one portal to explore another. Her paintings shimmer, a moment’s kaleidoscope on the page, morphing from one composition to another, to secure a tipping point of perfect balance.