Currently showing The Power of Painting : Day Bowman

In essence there is an alchemy of energy within Day Bowman's paintings that is invigorating yet poetic - abstraction at its most exciting.

Diary Date : Artist Talk (free) : 2.30 pm Saturday 25 November. 

JB delighted to welcome Day Bowman who will be talking about her paintings, her practice and her inspiration. Join us for bubbles at Carey Blyth Gallery 10-5 pm this Saturday 25 November. 

Otherwise, viewing by appointment : 07798 526 252 or

Jenny Blyth Fine Art is based at Carey Blyth Gallery

8 Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 6HT

Gallery currently showing Window Art : Day BOWMAN

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Located in the heart of Oxford, Carey Blyth Gallery shows contemporary art for sale by a stable of local, national and international artists in solo and mixed exhibitions. Gallery currently open by appointment. Contact 07798 526 252 or

Jenny Blyth has more than twenty five years experience in contemporary art as curator and gallerist. She was Curator at Saatchi Gallery 1990-2002 and ran a floating gallery for ten years thereafter, originating projects and mounting exhibitions largely in London, Manchester and Oxford. Jenny Blyth Fine Art (JBFA) curated 40 exhibitions at Art Jericho in Oxford between 2010 and 2017, and opened Carey Blyth Gallery in September 2019 : See below for Exhibitions (Current & Forthcoming, Curatorial, Consultations & Marketing).

'I find that I am chasing beauty and trust that you will find something beautiful in the gallery to savour for years to come.  I have a profound love of the natural world and much of the art that I exhibit is grounded in the tradition of landscape and still life whether abstracted or figurative.'   Jenny Blyth, curator & gallerist.

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JBFA Curatorial Projects outside of CBG Gallery include

Light Seeking Light : Paintings by Chloe Fremantle & Peter Blegvad                                       Royal Water Colour Society Galleries, at Whitcomb Street WC2 (October/November 2022) 

Seaside Citadels : Paintings by Day Bowman                                                                  Bermondsey Project Space, London SE1 (June 2021)

Contemplation : Snow Into Water  (September/October 2020)                                                          Colour and Patterning in Art : Paintings by Chloe Fremantle; Textile 'paintings' by Cassandra Wall            The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

Touching the Earth (May 2019)                                                                                                      Paintings by Addy Gardner; Sculpture by Martin Smith                                                                          The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

Reflections in the Landscape  (February 2019)                                                                               Jenny Blyth Photography at Wolfson College, Oxford (February 2019).


Studio visits, portfolio critiques and advice on work and path forward for artists.

Brochures/Leaflets written and designed around your work - the process involves, image submissions, studio visit and interview, essay/text and brochure published. 

Request examples (PDF and or hard copies).

Email for quotes & appointment. (See Contact Tab above).

Lectures / Industry Specialist

In person or on line : Drawing on twenty five years of experience curating exhibitions, building collections, running galleries and projects etc. Jenny Blyth is available to give talks & lectures and hands on as Industry Expert. Weekly Talks hosted by JB at gallery solo and with artists.

In March 2023 JB curated and hung the Student Exhibition at Morley College, London selecting 45 artworks from 90 submissions.  Pre-exhibition zoom lecture on Motivation and Practice for students, curated exhibition selected and hung, and a final Curatorial Talk and walk-around  with all participating students (Foundation Yr and Yr 1, 2, 3 Undergraduates/Fine Art).

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