Jenny Blyth Fine Art has a new home at CAREY BLYTH GALLERY located in the heart of Oxford at

8 Woodstock Road OX2 6HT (wed-sun 11-5 pm). The gallery shows contemporary art for sale - paintings, sculpture, printmaking and photography(See artist tabs in menu above to explore work).

'I find that I am chasing beauty and trust that you will find something beautiful in the gallery to savour for years to come.  I have a profound love of the natural world and much of the art that I exhibit is grounded in the tradition of landscape and still life whether abstracted or figurative.'  Jenny Blyth.

Currently showing  PLASHY PLACES :  Day BOWMAN : 6 March - 5 April  2020

Exploring the littoral shoreline Bowman's paintings of PLASHY PLACES capture the perpetual dance between sea and land- that tangential, kinetic point at which figuration and abstraction play out...

Background :

Jenny Blyth has twenty seven years experience in contemporary art as curator and gallerist. She was curator at Saatchi Gallery 1990-2002 and ran a floating gallery for ten years thereafter, originating projects and mounting exhibitions largely in London, Manchester and Oxford. Jenny Blyth Fine Art (JBFA) curated 40 exhibitions at Art Jericho in Oxford between 2010 and 2017.  

Recent exhibitions include Touching the Earth at North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford in May 2019 and an exhibition of photography by Jenny BLYTH at Wolfson College, Oxford in February 2019

Consultations for Artists :  Studio visits, crits and advice on work and path forward  for artists

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