Jenny Blyth Fine Art (JBFA), curator and floating gallerist, provides a fine art consultancy for a portfolio of artists (below) and collectors, providing advice, studio visits and critique, initiating projects, securing sales and curating exhibitions. 

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Day Bowman has a lifetime of painting under her belt creating beautiful abstracted paintings that explore geopolitics, borders, boundaries and migration. Raised in the West Country on the coast, her work is grounded in both the land and the outlying ocean as celebrated in her Seaside Citadels and Marking the Boundary series.

Chloe Fremantle is a true colourist composing visual haikus that have elements of synesthesia - a kaleidoscope of contemplations, evocations and reflections that invite us to travel down the rabbit hole.  Ever inspired by the beauty of nature and architecture, her mark making has become a  playful jazz fusion of motifs and elements developed over the years.  Her compositions are joyous with perfect pitch on the canvas - a balance of colourfield, surrealism and abstraction.

Anne Howeson is storyteller supreme.  Imagination is her medium creating narrative with beautiful drawings laid over photography.  Stepping across time, her compositions explore the avenues that interest her: the history of London, photography, the movement of people and relationships, a life observed in Italy; and an ongoing examination of the relationships that she shares with her siblings. Whatever the subject, her work is haunting and unexpected.  From Georgian London to distopian days ahead, her Kings Cross series cover a 300 year transition from buccolic pastures to the futuristic urbanity that is Kings X today - a history of lost rivers and the continuum of people passing through.  New work titled Volcanoes, explore life and ghosts lived under Vesuvius where she has a rural retreat/studio. Her Sister series reflects on a childhood shared with siblings on the East Coast of Ireland.

Susan Moxley splits her year between UK and Kythera. Her work is infused with the colours and the song of a much loved Ionian isle, home to Aphrodite. Her textile paintings tell stories from ancient greek mythology to the changing culture she has observed over 40 years as younger generations embrace contemporary life. SM sees the island as a microcosm of what is happening in so many societies globally - socially, and also as a result of climate change. Blacklisted by her homeland of South Africa, SM moved to Europe to make her life as a young artist. Politics remain core to her work, with the role of women past and future ever present.

Cassandra Wall creates textile paintings that capture the rhythms of the elements and the natural world. Abstracting the landscape from studies collaged in paper, her tessellated patchwork compositions are hand stitched and dyed.  It is the play of light on water, or the movement of saplings in woodlands, rather than the geography that informs her work. She has long been captivated by the longshore drift, whether that be Grecian isles or UK coastlines.  Her textile landscapes are truly contemporary, beautifully coloured and composed.

Trish Wylie is inspired by a passion for film. Painting with bold lines and flat planes of colour, her work is cinematographic and defies gender assumptions - her new series of Desert Cowboys capture the sheer energy and physicality of horse and rider in the saddle.  Her paintings are inspired by iconic film directors such Akira Kurosawa, John Ford and John Huston, and time she has spent alone in the Mojave Desert. Westerns prevail whilst recent commissions include Olivia Colman as The Queen, and Joaquin Phoenix as Bonaparte.

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Jenny Blyth has more than twenty five years experience in contemporary art as curator and gallerist. She was curator at Saatchi Gallery 1990-2002, and curated 50 exhibitions at Art Jericho and Carey Blyth Gallery (2010-23).

In addition to exhibitions, mixed and solo, at Art Jericho and Carey Blyth Gallery, selected JBFA curatorial projects include :

Light Seeking Light : Paintings by Chloe Fremantle & Peter Blegvad                                       Royal Water Colour Society Galleries, at Whitcomb Street London WC2 October/November 2022

Seaside Citadels : Paintings by Day Bowman                                                                  Bermondsey Project Space, London SE1 June 2021

Contemplation : Snow Into Water  September/October 2020                                                          Colour and Patterning in Art : Paintings by Chloe Fremantle; Textiles by Cassandra Wall at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

Touching the Earth  May 2019                                                                                                    Paintings by Addy Gardner; Sculpture by Martin Smith                                                                          The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

Reflections in the Landscape  February 2019                                                                                 Jenny Blyth Photography at Wolfson College, Oxford

Josephine Trotter - Solo Exhibitions (2006, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016 in Cork Street & Duke St St James London W1)

Gerry Judah - JBFA commission secured for The Crusader, Imperial Museum of the North, Manchester; JBFA curated exhibitions include : Frontiers in Shoreditch 2005; Angels at RIBA 2006, London; Motherlands at Louise Blouin Foundation 2007; Country at Wolverhampton Art Gallery 2009; Ark Angels at Carey Blyth Gallery 2023.


Studio visits, portfolio critiques and advice on work and path forward, originating and curating projects, securing mixed and solo exhibitions.

Text written and leaflets designed around your work - the process involves, image submissions, studio visit and interview, essay/text and brochure published.

If you would like to enquire about consulting or marketing please email for appointment/quote/view marketing materials email 


In person or on line : Drawing on twenty five years of experience curating exhibitions, building collections, running galleries and projects etc. Jenny Blyth is available to give talks & lectures and hands on installation as Industry Expert. 

In March 2023 JB curated and hung the Student Exhibition at Morley College, London selecting 45 artworks from 90 submissions.  Pre-exhibition zoom lecture on Motivation and Practice for students, curated exhibition selected and hung, and a final Curatorial Talk and walk-around with all participating students (Foundation Yr and Yr 1, 2, 3 Undergraduates/Fine Art).

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