NETTA CAREY :  8 Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 6HT

NC : “I was lucky enough to receive a formal training in art and design and the lessons I learned then are a fundamental part of my work to this day. A working study of composition, drawing from life, daily for months at a time, and an understanding of colour both in terms of design and energetic connection, are an essential part of who I am. I paint now from photographs that I abstract to form images, or simply from instinct.  In essence I try to capture a moment in time that resonates for longer than the moment that it takes to see it.”

Essentially Netta Carey is a colourfield painter.  Her muses are clear to see – Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Clifford Stills…. These artists emerged in New York in the 1950s and 60s distinct from the abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock who were more gestural and spontaneous in their painting.  Quiet and contemplative, colourfield developed into an abstracted genre where ultimately colour reigned supreme and the viewer was transported to a meditative state of transcendence.  Such a painting is I Must Be Dreaming where a spectrum of reds from crimsons and scarlets, to cardinal reds and burgundies, reflect the nuances and inflections of dreaming.

**Nothing Is Ever Forever - **essentially a Still Life with objects scattered and milk spilt, conveys a sense of ambivalence and transcience whilst celebrating a fiesta of warm tones and clear palette that is both seductive and refreshing. Netta’s passion for abstraction and colourfield is full of heart.

In Back To The Wild, Netta Carey explores the landscape and spirit of the Scottish Highlands at Alladale where Paul Lister has over the past 16 years created a rewilding project.  Lister’s intention is to return the 23,000 acre estate to a natural woodland haven for wildlife, to include wolves, bears and lynx.  Carey’s paintings capture the wild heart of Scotland where scale is untamed by the absence of human intrusion.  Particularly she captures the quiet strength and beauty of Alladale in all its autumn richness - purple skies echo the heather above russet-red bracken stretching across her canvases in bands of colour.  Lochs gleam across a spectrum of white. 

Netta Carey trained at the Paris American Academy (1982-83), London College of Printing (1984-87), Chelsea School of Art (1983-84) and L’Ecole Des Beaux Artes, Nantes (1986).  She lives and works in Oxfordshire and Snowdonia where she has studios. Her work is placed in private collections in UK, France and USA.