Paintings by Addy Gardner and Sulpture by Martin Smith

Curated by Jenny Blyth

7 MAY - 1 JUNE 2019

North Wall Arts Centre, South Parade, Summertown OX2 7JN

Touching The Earth marks the moment where these two artists meet - a point of balance where the intangible meets substance.  Both artists delight in the earthiness of an organic sense of form whilst celebrating an ethereal ambivalence. 

Addy Gardner studied Psychology before committing to Fine Art twenty years ago.  Her genre is abstracted landscape, popular with landscape painters but Gardner distinguishes her work through an experiential journey that reflects the scene before her, entwined with memories and thoughts evoked by the beauty she finds in the landscape. ‘Peak Experience’ has been her goal, and that moment of ‘ah-ness’ the pivotal point for her compositions.  Drawing inspiration from the landscape of the Windrush Valley and woodlands, her work is about her life and relationships – historical, and of the moment.

Addy Gardner’s collection of new paintings marks a departure from safer territory that she knows works well for her, towards fresh pastures and new horizons, a journey that every painter must make.  This makes for exciting viewing for us as we share her journey and spirit of adventure.

When talking about sculpture, Martin Smith enthuses about jazz with equal passion.  Transported by iconic trumpeters and saxophonists from Miles Davis to Ben Webster, he describes an alchemy of easy liberation where music, mellifluous and light, ‘comes through them like breath’, and how that process of synesthesia for him is expressed through sculpture, ‘the breath of stone’.  Patterns of sound and shape are transposed, so that the language of marble and alabaster is alchemized into sculpture. 

The beauty of Smith’s chosen stone is in the degree of opacity and tone, ranging from the deep brown agate alabasters of Touching the Earth, to the rare and translucent Volterra ivories of Lock Stones that are soft to the touch and warm when lit from behind.

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SKYFALL : Paintings & Drawings by ADDY GARDNER


Jenny Blyth Fine Art at Art Jericho, Oxford

Addy Gardner, Oxfordshire artist, trained in both Fine Art and Applied Psychology. Sixteen years ago she declined the offer of an MA in Fine Art and set off to Edinburgh where she set up her studio inspired by the beauty of Scottish landscape. She returned to Oxfordshire in 2004.

For those of you who know her work, you will find that Addy has moved on from what you might expect. She is painting beautiful and complex landscapes composed of layers of oil paint which individually retain both substance and translucency. The effect is to capture the fluidity of the firmament - sunlight spilling through clouds, earth and sky bathed in luminosity. Her subject is the landscape that she encounters around her which she recreates in the studio as photographic panoramic ‘sketches’. From that visual reference point, Addy creates paintings that echo her memories, thoughts, dreams and emotions – moments of ‘peak experience’. There is a strong autobiographical element in her work that colours her compositions with titles such as “The memory of the moment we first met”. An artist invites us to share their journey, yet the success of a painting is also determined by their ability to invite us to make our own. Addy Gardner is chasing beauty, and is successful on both counts.

JBFA showed Addy Gardner at London Art Fair in January 2013 and at Affordable Art Fair Battersea in October 2013.


ADDY GARDNER September 2011

JBFA at Gallery 27 Cork St London W1


ADDY GARDNER December 2010 – January 2011

JBFA at Art Jericho.

The sublime is that which we cannot appropriate, if only because we cannot discern any boundaries. If anything, it appropriates us . . . Malcolm Andrews

Moving seamlessly between configuration and abstract expressionism, Addy Gardner invites the viewer to journey between an earthly landscape and a canvas of dreams. Her painting aspires to ‘Peak Experience’ where the viewer releases their sense of self, to an awareness of a greater unity. Gardner commands an ability to create form, transforming the colours of earth and sky to a spectrum of light and ambivalence. Working in oil on canvas, Addy Gardner’s paintings are infused with vitality, imparting energy and a sense of joy.

My paintings draw on the tradition of the picturesque and sublime. They are a representation of the point at which beauty emerges in the natural world. Addy Gardner.

Jenny Blyth Fine Art presenting new work by Addy Gardner, an emerging painter based in Oxfordshire at Art Jericho in 2010 and thereafter in London’s Gallery 27 in Cork Street.